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March 20, 2013

What Workers Need to Know About Eye Safety

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When we think about debilitating injuries from industrial accidents, we tend to focus on damage to extremities or lost limbs. But every day, nearly a thousand American workers suffer some form of eye injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those injuries create a financial burden of more than $300 million annually – not just in medical costs, but in workers’ compensation and production time that is lost. And what about quality of life?

No industry is immune when it comes to the potential for eye injuries, although some workplaces have more inherently hazardous tasks. That’s why it’s important to consider potential eye hazards when conducting a hazard analysis of every site and task, and to recognize the correct type of personal protective equipment (PPE) for each task.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared a helpful article that identifies the five primary hazards that can lead to eye injuries: Impacts, Heat, Chemicals, Dust and Radiation. They then address the best ways for workers to protect themselves.

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