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May 13, 2013 Customer Reviews - May 2013

Here's what actual customers are saying about this month:

Shipping time was great, packaging was excellent, and overall service was superb. Thank you.
Gail, 28 May 2013

The signs we requested were very unique. It was very nice to find them with ComplianceSigns.
Linda N. - OH, 28 May 2013

Very simple! The signs were perfect and customized for our small water company. Very affordable, too. Thanks!
Emery L. - AZ, 27 May 2013

Searching for what I needed was simple and fast! No trouble getting what I want & payment was simple.
Celia M., 25 May 2013

The service and delivery time were great! I don't know of another site that I could have purchased custom magnetic signs at the low cost and quick delivery that you have.
William H. - GA, 24 May 2013

I love this website! It is fast and simple and if I get stuck on something a customer service representative is available to help.
Gayle A., 23 May 2013

Liked OSHA compliance, that is what made me choose your site for purchase over others.
Angelica V., 23 May 2013

This is my 3rd or 4th time ordering from them and every experience has been great!
A.C., 22 May 2013

Lots of options! Great prices!
Cynthia L., 21 May 2013

Very easy to follow and find the exact items needed for our needs. Order was shipped promptly and the quality was excellent.
Tom F. - HI, 21 May 2013

Easy to navigate and search for products. Great pricing.
Steve H., 20 May 2013

Great site path. Easy to find product. Fast delivery!
James W., 20 May 2013

I was very pleased with how quickly I received my item.
Joyce A. - AR, 18 May 2013

Needed a certain style of restroom sign and you had it!
Barb G. - OH, 17 May 2013

Your custom-sign designer is the most sophisticated engineering, and easiest to use. I was able to develop EXACTLY what I wanted for the wall of my home gym.
Joel W., 16 May 2013

Very user friendly website. Thanks, I needed that.
Nancy N., 15 May 2013

Your phone rep was very helpful helping me navigate the site to place an order. Was a big help.
Mark L., 14 May 2013

You offer a great selection at a reasonable price! And it is very easy to make custom signs.
William H., 14 May 2013

Ordering was fast and easy. Excellent prices even with full customization. Thank you.
Joe / Roger, 13 May 2013

Had exactly what I needed and ordering was easy.
Larry J., 13 May 2013

Great packing. Fast shipping. Great installation instructions. AAA+++
Mark G. - GA, 12 May 2013

Website was easy to use. I received my signs very quickly after placing order. I was very pleased.
Kim M. - TX, 11 May 2013

Very easy to use - this is our second purchase from this sign firm - both have gone very well
Bill N. - WI, 10 May 2013

Great pricing, fast shipping, and excellent communication. Will use them again.
Max V.H - CA, 09 May 2013

Great site, very easy to navigate. All my needs met in one place.
Don P., 08 May 2013

Had all the signs we are looking for. Have bought sign thru this company before, really like the way they look after 3 or four years.
Gloria, 07 May 2013

Site easy to navigate, great selection, explanation with each item. Easy billing setup and estimated ship date. What more would one want??
Mark F., 07 May 2013

Always satisfied with our orders and the website is user friendly. Thanks!
Debbie R., 07 May 2013

So easy to make your own signage! Quick payment processing! What a great site!
Angie, 06 May 2013

We have shopped here often and have been satisfied every time.
Tim K., 06 May 2013

Signs were easy to identify and already came in the colors i needed.
Elias V., 05 May 2013

Awesome Product & Super fast Shipping. . . All at a Great Price. I will definitely be a return customer and I highly recommend
Brian I. - PA, 04 May 2013

Was quick and easy to place an order. Would recommend to anyone. Saves a lot of time and gas running around looking for this sign.
Marjorie H. - MI, 04 May 2013

I found your site to be very easy to use and the custom instructions easy to follow. Will order again. Thank you!
Kareen I., 03 May 2013

Very quick and easy to customize exactly what I needed.
Lise S., 02 May 2013

Great Selection and Prices for my business needs, thank-you.
Jodi D., 02 May 2013

Great Products and Fast Service On Orders!
Deane J. - OH, 01 May 2013

First rate, lots of good products.
Alan Z., 01 May 2013

Thank you all for your kind comments and good suggestions!

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