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June 12, 2013

June Workplace Safety News and Notes

July 25 Webinar on Revised Hazard Communication Standard 

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Hazard Communication 2012: One Year of Implementation will focus on issues associated with classification, labeling, safety data sheets and training. Also on the agenda are ways for manufacturers, importers, distributors and employers to meet compliance requirements during the transition period. The webinar is intended to answer many of the questions OSHA has received in this first year of Hazard Communication 2012 implementation. This webinar is free but registration is required. Get registration information here.

Defining Hazardous Areas
What constitutes a hazardous area? How about janitor closets, electrical closets and fan rooms? The protection of hazardous areas varies throughout the different occupancies covered by NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. So, you can't just go with your gut - you have to look it up. What about those closets? Check this NFPA blog post to find out.

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OSHA Issues Final Rule on Digger Derricks

OSHA has issued a final rule that broadens the current exemption for digger derricks used in the electric-utility industry. The exemption has been expanded to include telecom-munications work in addition to electric-utility work. This final rule provides a complete exemption from having to follow the requirements of Subpart CC of the Cranes and Derricks in Construction standard. The rule becomes effective June 28, 2013. Read more here.

PPE Maintenance Tips from SafetySmart
Caring for your PPE is just as important as choosing the right equipment in the first place. Keeping your PPE in good shape improves its life and saves you money. It will also ensure you are getting all the protection your equipment was designed for. Check this post from the SafetySmart blog for helpful tips on maintaining PPE in your workplace.

Tips for Coaching Frequently Injured Employees
Do you have any "accident-prone" workers? You might really have supervisors who are emphasizing the wrong things. A recent blog post from ISHN looks into frequently injured workers and outlines a safety coaching approach that can help you discover and address both issues. Read more here.

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