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June 21, 2013

New Ladder Safety Phone App from NIOSH

Ladder safety label - read and follow instructions

NIOSH has a new Ladder Safety app to help workers safely use extension ladders. The app uses visual and audio signals to help workers check ladder angle and also gives tips for using extension ladders safely. The app is available for free download for both iPhone and Android systems.

The app provides feedback to the user on positioning the extension ladder at the optimal angle. It also provides references and a safety guide for extension ladder selection, inspection, accessories and use.

Falls from ladders are a common source of preventable construction injuries, and incorrect ladder angle is a contributing factor. A ladder set too steep is more likely to fall back or away during use, and a ladder set too shallow can slide out. Either way, the worker is in danger.

“The ladder safety app is an innovative way to help keep workers safe ...,” says NIOSH. It was developed with input from the ANSI A14 committee on Ladder Safety, the American Ladder Institute and other stakeholders.

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  1. This shows the improvement of technology for the safety of people. I feel this particular app will be extremely useful for those working over industry areas where they can use this app for checking with safety issues.