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June 11, 2013

Slip and Fall Incidents: Often Overlooked, Always Dangerous

Trip Hazard Label
The National Safety Council reports that slip and fall accidents cost U.S. companies as much as $70 billion every year in medical expenses and workers’ compensation claims. A typical compensation claim resulting from a slip and fall accident amounts to $4,000, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites them as the cause of 18 percent of lost-time incidents.

But slip and fall hazards often don't receive the attention they should in workplaces. OSHA recently cited a company that had let a foot of wood shavings accumulate in a work area, posing a trip hazard. As with most preventable accidents, education is the place to start. The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared an article that takes an in-depth look at slip and fall accidents, hazards and prevention. Read the article here, or browse Wet, Slip and Trip Hazard safety signs here.

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