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July 6, 2013

Younger Workers and the Mistakes They Make

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Young workers are often strong, energetic, eager, and much smarter than those “old guys” around them - or so they think. But experienced workers know it’s not unusual for younger workers to be injured on the job during their first few months. As their supervisors, we need to help them understand the safety culture, and encourage them to take responsibility for their own safety.

A knowledgeable and attentive supervisor is the best ally for a young worker. Effective supervision involves more than simply monitoring a worker and providing discipline. The supervisor should ensure that every worker under his or her direction understands the company’s safety culture and is aware of the hazards of the tasks they will perform. Some employers operate formal mentoring programs in which new workers are paired with veteran employees. The older worker takes on the responsibility of training the new counterpart in the safe performance of tasks, monitors his or her performance, and provides friendly correction as needed.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group have written an article that explains factors behind the injury rates, why hazards aren't so obvious to young workers, and shares ideas on what you can do to help keep them safe on your worksite. Check out the full article here, or browse hard hat labels here.

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