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August 27, 2013 Named to Inc5000 Fastest-Growing List for 4th Year is on the inc5000 list for the 4th year
For the fourth consecutive year, ComplianceSigns, Inc. has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., as ranked by Inc. magazine.

To earn another spot on the annual Inc. 5,000 list, we achieved revenue growth of 121 percent over the past three years, an increase from 119 percent in 2012. ComplianceSigns ranks as the ninth fastest-growing manufacturer in Illinois, and 108th in the entire U.S. We appear to be the only safety sign manufacturer on the list.

"Maintaining growth through the recent economic climate has been a true challenge," said company president Paul Sandefer. "Qualifying for this list four years in a row shows what fantastic people we have throughout our company. Their daily efforts to develop and produce top-quality products and provide excellent customer service are what keep our customers coming back - and keep our company growing."

Many thanks to our loyal customers who helped us earn this recognition.

August 26, 2013

August Workplace Safety News and Notes

OSHA Changes Recordkeeping Rules for Federal Agencies
A new final rule from OSHA requires Federal agencies to submit occupational injury and illness information to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and OSHA on an annual basis. The BLS will use the data (which is already being collected) to aggregate injury and illness information throughout the Federal government. OSHA will then use the data to identify and target establishments with high incidence rates, much as it does for non-government organizations. The rule will also restate that volunteers are considered employees of federal agencies and explain how volunteers' injuries should be recorded in agency injury and illness logs.
Read the final rule in the Federal Register (pdf).

weapon free campus
On-Line Course Trains Nurses about Preventing Workplace Violence
NIOSH worked with nursing and labor organizations, academic groups and others to develop an online course designed to train nurses to recognize and prevent workplace violence. The multi-media training incorporates lesson text, videos depicting workplace violence incidents, testimonials from real nurses and lesson quizzes. Nurses can also receive continuing education credits for completing the online course.
Learn more here.

NFPA Report Gives Stats on Electrical Fires
In 2011, some 16,400 non-home structure fires involved electrical failure or malfunction as a factor contributing to ignition. The NFPA Electrical Fires report provides statistics on home and non-home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction in any equipment or involving electrical distribution or lighting equipment, with separate sections for each of the major types of home electrical distribution or lighting equipment. Trends, some risk comparisons and suggested safety tips also are included.
Review the report here.

New OSHA Resources for Women in Construction

OSHA has created a Women in Construction web page. The new page addresses safety and health issues specific to female construction workers, including PPE and sanitary facility concerns, and also provides information on female employment in construction and additional resources.

OSHA also will work with the National Association of Women in Construction to develop training programs, fact sheets and other outreach resources on musculoskeletal hazards, sanitation and PPE selection. The alliance will focus on these and other safety and health issues specific to female construction workers. Two key points from the new page:

August 23, 2013

What's New at in August

You'll find more than 800 new signs, banners and stencils at this month, including many unique and interesting new items.

Safety Banners - Our big collection of vinyl worksite safety banners are a colorful way to send your safety message. They include brass grommets for easy mounting, and are available in 5 sizes.
Large Floor Stencils - Reusable stencils are an economical way to identify walkways, bike paths, PPE rules, safety equipment, parking rules and more. Our flexible plastic stencil material is durable for multiple uses, and stencils are available in varied sizes to fir your application. 

Door Unlocked Lettering - These cut vinyl letters transfer onto your glass doors to identify doors that are to remain unlocked during business hours.

SSSCO Elevator and Escalator signs, plates and more - We now have an even larger selection of elevator and escalator signs, including colorful acrylic car plates and jamb plates, car ID and test tags, inspection code plates, emergency operation signs and many more. These are the same top-quality signs and plates we've sold for years at, now available in our main store.
Use the links above to see more, or see them all on our New Signs page.

August 22, 2013

2014 National Electrical Code Released

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has released the 2014 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) in digital format (pdf). A hard copy of the code will be available by the end of August.

The NFPA 70 / NEC sets the standard for safe electrical installation and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards. NFPA has developed and published the NEC since 1911. The latest edition provides the most up-to-date electrical safety requirements. In addition to publishing the code, NFPA offers additional resources to help professionals understand and apply the latest code. Many resources are coming soon, including the 2014 NEC Handbook, pocket guides for residential and commercial applications, ebooks and an app.

August 20, 2013

Top Ten Documents OSHA Expects to See on a Construction Site

If you manage a construction site, the idea of an OSHA inspector dropping in for a visit may keep you up at night. But it doesn't have to. The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared a "top ten list" of the documents and reports OSHA inspectors typically ask to see, including:

1. Injury / Illness records 
2. Written Programs
3. Material Safety Data Sheets
4. Training/Certification Records
5. Competent/Qualified Person Inspection

Make sure you have easy access to these documents before an inspector comes calling and you'll sleep better tonight and every night. Being prepared also shows the inspector you share his or her concern for safety - which can't hurt. Read the full article here, or browse thousands of safety signs at

Top OSHA Fines in July 2013

OSHA issued seven 6-figure fines in July, with a total proposed value of more than $1 million. Common citations included chemical hazards, process safety, training and signage issues. Here are some details of the cases, which are still pending final decisions:

$193,300 for Combustible Dust, Signage Missing Guards at Montana sugar plant
    OSHA Confined Space Permit sign
  • Four repeat violations involved excessive accumulations of combustible coal dust, unguarded elevated platforms, lack of signs on permit spaces and unguarded horizontal shafting. OSHA has inspected this employer 16 times since February 2008, finding 30 violations at work sites in Montana, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.
  • 12 serious safety violations include unsafe use of flexible cords and electrical equipment; open junction boxes; inadequate fire exits; failure to provide standard railings on stairways; unguarded points of operation and rotating parts; unguarded vertical shafting and projecting shaft ends; and overhead crane hook deficiencies.
$170,000 for Chemical Hazards at Arkansas Poultry Processor
  • One willful violation with a $70,000 fine for failing to document that the emergency shutdown system for the engine room was designed to ensure the ventilation system would be activated by an ammonia leak.
  • Nine serious violations for PSM deficiencies of relief valves and failing to provide process hazard analysis, operating procedures, testing procedures and management of change procedures.
  • A repeat violation for failing to ensure adequate frequency of self-inspections and tests of ammonia refrigeration equipment and vessels.

August 16, 2013

2013 Drive Safely Work Week Materials Now Available

Drive Safely Work Week logo
The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety sponsor Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) every year to help employers remind employees about safe driving practices. The organization provides complete campaign materials including daily activities, graphics, launch letters and tips to help employers hold a successful campaign.

The 2013 campaign takes place October 7-11 and highlights how physical and mental condition - along with the "health" of your vehicle - can contribute to safer driving. It's a great fit for any workplace, especially those that have employees who drive on company business. Among other things, the campaign materials cover:

August 12, 2013

Free Reference Card Compares NFPA 704 Diamond and OSHA GHS labels

NFPA has been working with OSHA over the past year to promote awareness of the differences between the NFPA andGHS hazard identification systems. It should be noted that OSHA does not necessarily see a conflict between HCS and NFPA 704. OSHA has indicated that the GHS numbers are not relative ratings of hazards but are used for the purpose of classifying hazards into categories for proper labeling and training information. The numbers for GHS will be placed on the SDS but are not required to be on labels. 

Recently OSHA and NFPA worked together to develop a “Quick Card” showing the differences between the two systems. The Quick card can be found on the NFPA Document information page for NFPA 704  at the bottom of the page under “Additional Information”. Or you may go directly to the Quick Card. The card can be downloaded and laminated as a two sided document that can be used for easy field reference. 

August 6, 2013

New Executive Order Addresses Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety Sign
The White House has issued an Executive Order intended to reduce safety and security risks related to production and storage of potentially harmful chemicals. Prompted by the fatal West, Texas explosion, the Improving Chemical Safety and Security Order establishes a working group to address the issue.

The Chemical Facility Safety and Security Working Group will be co-chaired by the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Secretary of Labor or their designated representatives.

The group is ordered to:
  • Enhance Information Collection and Sharing
  • Improve Operational Coordination with State, Local, and Tribal Partners
  • Enhance Federal Coordination
  • Enhance Information Collection and Sharing
  • Modernize Policies, Regulations and Standards
  • Identify Best Practices
Policy, Regulation and Standards efforts will:
  • Develop options for improved chemical facility safety and security that identify improvements to existing risk management practices through agency programs,
  • Engage key stakeholders to discuss the options and other means to improve chemical risk management that may be available
  • Develop a plan for implementing practical and effective improvements to chemical risk management
The Group will convene stakeholders including chemical producers, chemical storage companies, agricultural supply companies, State and local regulators, chemical critical infrastructure owners and operators, first responders, labor organizations representing affected workers, environmental and community groups and consensus standards organizations.

August 1, 2013 Customer Reviews - July 2013 
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