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August 1, 2013 Customer Reviews - July 2013 
Here's what customers had to say about in July:
Thanks for making this soooo easy! The W9 on the website is a great service and accepting purchase orders and having a place to add the PO number was great.

A.C. - 31 Jul 2013

Always has the best service.
Travis W. - 30 Jul 2013

Excellent source for hard-to-find signage for our building!
Dwight R. - 29 Jul 2013

I wish I'd found your site earlier. Other Canadian companies couldn't cope with my US billing address being different from my Canadian shipping address.
Terence W., QC, Canada - 28 Jul 2013

Easy to find what I was looking for. There were lots of options for the type of sign. Liked that there was the option for signs in a different language or even to have them bi-lingual.
Kauai - 27 Jul 2013

I have looked everywhere for these particular signs and the only place that I found them in the color, size, and style I need is on
Jessica H. - 26 Jul 2013

Love your assortment of signs and so easy to order.
David W., MA - 25 Jul 2013

I am a returning customer who is very happy with the product and service.
Ed A. - 24 Jul 2013

Great service and always have what we need.
Sharla D. - 23 Jul 2013

I love this place, great signs and even better prices.
Casey S., MO - 22 Jul 2013

Thanks for your custom option. I'll be back.
Barbara G. - 21 Jul 2013

No problems. Everything worked out as advertised. I will do business here again. The workmanship of the door signs were superior to the competition.
Joseph F., CA - 19 Jul 2013

Great product, prices and site.
Tim M. - 18 Jul 2013

Process/ordering was smooth and easy.
Joe I. - 17 Jul 2013

Loved it! With reasonable shipping cost, ease of use within the site and secured processing of my CC numbers, this company has my future business.
Larry G. - 16 Jul 2013

Very easy to order. Prompt delivery.
Randy, LA - 15 Jul 2013

Quick and easy.
Sid, TX - 14 Jul 2013

It was great to design my own sign.
Jamie L., SC - 13 Jul 2013

Had the products I was looking for at a reasonable price.
Michael V. - 11 Jul 2013

Building a custom sign on your website was easy. Your website is user friendly.
Steve H. - 10 Jul 2013

Working with the local police department (who gave me your web site), our neighborhood is very pleased with the variety and quality of your signs. This is the third time we have ordered signs from you.
Philip P., WA - 09 Jul 2013

Very good supplier and now have chosen to use them on every pipe label order.
Erik F. - 08 Jul 2013

Easy to use web site.
G.K. - 07 Jul 2013

Found what I needed with ease.
Simon V. - 06 Jul 2013

Nice selection, decent prices - what more could you ask for?
Rob R. - 05 Jul 2013

Wasted time looking for these! On-line saved me time and money. Thank you, will definitely order again.
Barbara P. - 04 Jul 2013
Great products. Will spend less time looking at other sites.

Craig - 03 Jul 2013

Always a great way to find a great sign or label with a quick turn-around.
Jeff B. - 02 Jul 2013

Fantastic experience! Great product, phenomenal delivery time, and everything arrived in good condition. I will definitely order from Compliance Signs again! 
Karen Y., VA - 01 Jul 2013
Thank you all for your kind comments and good suggestions!