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September 17, 2013

Do You Really Know How Your Employees View Safety?

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When your company talks about workplace safety, do your employees roll their eyes? Are higher-than-normal recordable injuries are driving your worker’s comp costs through the ceiling? Even if you answered "no", you should consider a Safety Perception Survey to "check the oil" of what employees think of your safety efforts, according to a new article from Safety Management Group in Indianapolis.

A safety perception survey is a research tool that delivers a candid appraisal of worker attitudes about safety and their employer’s safety culture. For companies that have never analyzed what employees think about safety efforts, it can be revealing. For companies with well-established safety cultures, surveys verify that measures are working while calling attention to potential areas of concern.

Companies will usually see some very clear conclusions from a safety perception survey, but in many cases, the survey will also call attention to issues that deserve additional study. Safety perception surveys are most effective when they’re part of an ongoing process.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared a helpful article that explains the process and how it can provide excellent data for fine-tuning your safety program and enhance your overall safety culture. Read the full article here, or browse thousands of safety signs at

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