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September 18, 2013

September 2013 Workplace Safety News and Notes

Farm Safety and Health Week Materials Available
Caution farm animals, agrucultural machinery, private farm signs
Farm Safety Signs

The agriculture sector accounted for 475 deaths in 2012 with a fatality rate of 21.2 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers - the highest of any industry sector. National Farm Safety & Health Week, Sept. 15-21, emphasizes the importance of worker safety in the agricultural industry. Farm Safety and Health Week has been observed annually since 1944 during September as farmers prepare for harvest. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety has posted informational safety and health materials on its website at

Drive Safely Work Week is October 7-11.
Toolkit Available for Download at No Cost.

October 7–11 is Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW). This year's DSWW toolkit provides easy-to-use Web-based resources for employers, including downloadable graphics and activities tailored for each day of the campaign week. Download the kit here.

No cell phone use while driving - It's the law sticker
No Cell Phone Label
Illinois Bans Hand-held Cell Phone Use while Driving in 2014
The Illinois governor has signed into law two bills aimed at combating distracted driving: one prohibits the use of all hand-held mobile phones while driving on Illinois roads, and the other increases penalties on drivers whose behind-the-wheel use of an electronic device leads to a crash. Under the new law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2014, fines for a first offense are $75. Penalties increase by $25 for subsequent offenses to a maximum of $150. Calls made to report an emergency situation are exempt from the law. Read more here.

Online Emergency Responder Training Now Available
The NIOSH Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance online training course is now available. The course provides a recommended health monitoring and surveillance framework, referred to as the Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) system, which includes specific recommendations and tools for all phases of a response, including the pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment phases. The training is available through the NIOSH ERHMS page.

N95 Respirator Resources
Because N95 respirators are important to the health and safety of workers in many different industries, NOSH has dedicated a day to the promotion, celebration, dissemination and proclamation of N95 information. The goal is to help workers recognize the importance of respiratory protection in the workplace and familiarize them with resources to guide educated decisions when wearing a respirator. Visit the N95 Day page at the NIOSH science blog.

OSHA Posts Proposal on Respirable Silica
OSHA's notice of proposed rulemaking for respirable crystalline silica has published in the Federal Register. The proposal includes two separate standards-one for general industry and maritime employment, and one for construction. Written comments on the proposed rule will be accepted until Dec. 11, 2013. Additional information, including five fact sheets, is available at

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