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October 17, 2013

Real Safety Begins With Real Values

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When trying to make a worksite a safer place, many employers take an approach that’s similar to the one used by OSHA: they set strict rules and dole out penalties when those rules are violated. Others view safety as something more than just another set of rules. They recognize the value of maintaining a safe workplace and want to ensure that everyone goes home healthy every night. They know that increased safety usually translates into better morale, less turnover, higher productivity and better profits.

These companies understand the value of creating and maintaining a safety culture that goes beyond regulations and equipment to provide a clear sense that safe practices are an important part of everything the company does. What are the most important factors in developing a positive safety culture? The safety experts at Safety Management Group have written an article that explains. 

Read the article here, then browse safety banners and safety scoreboards at to help build your safety culture with employees.

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