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November 18, 2013

Prepare for National Hand Washing Awareness Week: December 1 - 7

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Proper Hand Washing
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December 1 to 7 is National Hand Washing Awareness Week, a time to emphasize the importance of proper hand washing and awareness to kids and adults alike. Many resources are available to help promote good hand hygiene in the workplace.

Proper hand washing makes good business sense, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control, "the most important thing you can do to keep from getting sick is to wash you hands." Hand washing is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep employees healthy. Sick employees are less productive even when they come to work, and may spread illness to other workers.

The CDC reports that a recent study promoting clean hands in corporate environments resulted in:
  •  Fewer employee illnesses
  •  Less use of sick days

5 steps to thoroughly wash handsDespite widespread knowledge of the importance of hand washing, a recent study showed that only 31% of men and 65% of women washed their hands after using a public restroom. Consistent hand washing can prevent common illness like colds and seasonal flu as well as more serious diseases, but people need to be aware of their hands and when to wash them.

The 4 principles of hand awareness are:

  1. Wash your hands when they are dirty and BEFORE eating
  2. DO NOT cough into your hands
  3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands
  4. Above all, do not touch your nose, eyes or mouth

And yes, there is a correct way to wash your hands. It's easy, but most people don't follow the simple steps. Posting signs to encourage consistent and correct hand washing can make a big difference at your home, school and workplace.

Use these resources to promote hand washing awareness in your workplace:

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