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February 11, 2014

New PPE Standard Released by ANSI and ISEA

personal protective equipment for eyes
A breaking news story from EHS Today states that a new PPE standard released by ANSI and ISEA is designed to provide a standardized conformity assessment system that can be used by suppliers, specifiers, users and regulators. As a stand-alone document, it can be applied as a uniform reference across a range of product categories. Previously, only respiratory protection was subject to a conformity assessment through NIOSH. 

According to the foreword of the final standard, obtained exclusively by EHS Today, it is intended as a resource that can be referenced by end-user purchasers of products, who may include compliance to this standard as a requirement of a purchase contract with a supplier; by regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over workplace safety and health, or by product standard development committees to define their conformity assessment requirements for a particular product performance standard.

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