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March 18, 2014

Safety Coaching: Game Plan for Motivation

Sports teams at any level, from pee-wee to the big leagues, need a coach to focus on the big picture, coordinate roles and change strategy to achieve success. In just the same way, worksite teams need leadership to achieve a higher level of safety. A manager, foreman or supervisor who performs his or her job like a "Safety Coach" will respect the “players” and provide the right expertise at the right time. 
Play It Safe! ( baseball players ) Safety Banner

Nobody comes to a job site planning to get hurt. Unfortunately, just as a baseball or other team may make mental mistakes in a key game, workers sometimes get complacent, get sidetracked or take dangerous shortcuts. That’s when it’s time for the safety coach to call a timeout, step in, and remind everyone how to get back on the right track.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group recently published an article with some good coaching advice on motivation, encouraging safer actions and building credibility with your team. It also discusses what coaching is not - to help you better understand this important role. Read more here, then browse worksite safety banners here.

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