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April 22, 2014

OH&S Shares 5 Steps to a Safer Worksite

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Housekeeping signs can help prevent accidents.
Slips, trips and falls (STF) were responsible for more than 308,000 non-fatal workplace injuries in 2012. Fall protection systems can help, but a recent OH&S blog post says a low-cost way to improve your STF injury rates is to take a good hard look at your organization’s housekeeping practices.

Effective housekeeping requires workers to maintain a clean, clutter-free, organized work site that eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of a slip, trip or fall. Good housekeeping practices are important for all businesses, but are especially important for the medical, construction, manufacturing and retail industries, where risks of STFs are highest. Prominent housekeeping safety signs that address trip hazards, wet floors or other housekeeping hazards can help get your message across to employees and visitors.

The OH&S post identifies 5 steps you can use to reduce or even eliminate serious injuries from STFs in your organization.

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