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July 14, 2014

New OSHA Resources for the Construction Demolition Industry

DANGER demolition work in progress
OSHA recently updated its demolition website to address common hazards and present safety measures that can be taken to prevent demolition tragedies. The new Demolition page provides information on applicable OSHA standards, hazard assessments, measures that can be taken to prevent injuries and illnesses before site work begins and a link for stakeholders to share stories about demolition safety.

The page describes demolition as "construction in reverse, with additional hazards" -- and that description seems pretty accurate. From 2009 to 2013, OSHA issued nearly 1,000 citations for violations of construction demolition standards. The most common citation was for failure to conduct an engineering survey to determine the condition of the structure prior to demolition. This includes determining whether an unplanned collapse of the building or any adjacent structure would injure those working in the vicinity.

To ramp up efforts to protect demolition workers, OSHA recently conducted training courses on demolition safety to federal, state and local government personnel with construction safety responsibilities in the Philadelphia area. The location was chosen following the June 5, 2013, collapse of a four-story building undergoing demolition in Philadelphia that killed six people and injured 14.


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