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September 25, 2014

Seven Strategies To Set the Tone for Safety

Entering Construction Zone
Safety orientation sessions can be a total bore - or an excellent way to set the tone for a project and help workers understand the importance of safety and the role they play in achieving a safe workplace. The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis believe that a well-organized orientation based on seven proven strategies is the most effective way to deliver messages to workers who are new to a site.

Strategy #3 is to encourage worker input: 

Begin orientations by finding out who is in the audience and then tailoring your questions to their area of concern. For example, if you’re talking to a group of electricians and the subject of fall protection is part of the discussion, ask them for examples of times when they would have felt safer if proper fall protection had been used. Specific issues that involve their work practices will hold their interest better than vague rules. Conducting a give-and-take also validates their own expertise, showing them that you regard them as professionals.

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