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October 7, 2014

10 Questions: Does Your Safety Program Meet Employee Expectations?

A recent blog post at lists 10 points employees should consider when evaluating their employer's commitment to workplace safety. Employers can use these 10 questions to evaluate their safety programs. Take a look and see how yours stacks up:

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1. Are employees informed about industry and duty risks?

2. Do you verify applicant certifications or licensing before you hire them?

3. Do you train employees for new duties?
Expecting them to "figure things out" without proper training is asking for trouble.

4. Do you maintain a safety training calendar?

5. Do you implement and follow your own safety policies?
They must be kept up to date and accessible to employees at all times. 

6. Do you provide high-quality, properly-fit PPE/safety gear?

7. Do you conduct regular safety audits and keep equipment up to date?

8. Is your company motto "Safety First?"
Safety should never be compromised, even if it means missing a deadline or increasing costs.

9. Do you lead by example?
Good leaders are never seen breaching the safety rules, and they don't tolerate others doing so either.

10. Do you have a workers' compensation insurance policy?

If you didn't answer "yes" to all 10 questions, you're not doing all you can to promote safety in your workplace - and you may be losing out on safety-minded job applicants, too. Use these links to learn more:

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