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November 17, 2014

Advice: Working Safely with Industrial Vacuums

Would your employeees know
this pipe label indicates
flammable fluids?

Everyone becomes familiar with vacuum cleaners at an early age. But because they regularly use vacuums at home, workers may not understand that vacuum systems in healthcare and industrial settings present some very real hazards. In these settings, when something goes wrong, the results can include shattering and flying glass, chemical splatters and even combustion.

Because there are varied types of industrial vacuums, supervisors need to ensure that employees fully understand the systems they use and any potential hazards associated with them. That includes understanding pipe marking standards for any workers who may be repairing vacuum lines. The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have prepared an article that discusses industrial vacuum safety, including filtration, dealing with liquids, debris collection, cold traps and more. Read more on this important topic here, or browse a variety of housekeeping safety signs here.

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