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November 1, 2014

How OSHA inspects cranes and derricks on construction worksites

WARNING before operating crane it is compulsory to extend the outriggers

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  1. As a construction worker who has had some very frustrating moments while on a crane, I am a strong supporter of your 5th point. You should always make sure there is clear communication between the crane operator and the signal person. The couple of times that I have gone up in the crane, only to find that my signal person and I were on a completely different page was very frustrating. It is a lot easier to just complete avoid the mess, and talk about it before hand while doing the inspection.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Ronald. Noting quite like first-person experience.

  2. Inspecting a crane before operation could really make a life of a difference. I have seen horror stories where cranes just wore over time, and then when something large was lifted, it gave way. When there are people in near proximity, their lives can be on the line.