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March 23, 2015

Steps for Better Safety Professional Communication

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On a job site, it’s pretty easy to tell where one craft begins and another ends. Electricians don't run lengths of sewer pipe, and painters don't cut ducts. But what happens when the safety manager for the mechanical contractor notices an electrician isn’t grounding a circuit correctly? Or when the safety approach of one contractor differs from another? 

The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have written an article with seven steps to address this very problem. It can help you share information, address differences and avoid turf wars so everyone on the job stays safe. 

Some key points from the article:

  • Have a clear understanding of the expectations of your role and how it fits in with your fellow safety pros.
  • If communication between the safety pros is not as clear as it should be, try to build relationships.
  • Take the opportunity to have all the safety staff on the site check areas outside their normal scope.
  • Communicate honestly and frequently about what has happened in all areas of the site and on all shifts
  • Don't hesitate to step up and correct a dangerous situation, then follow up immediately with the safety professional responsible for that area.
The article offers solid suggestions to make construction sites safer for everyone. Give it a read and consider sharing with your coworkers and fellow safety pros. Read the full post here, or browse construction safety signs here.

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