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March 4, 2015

Want Answers About NFPA 704? Common Questions FAQ Now Available

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It's important to get every component
of your NFPA diamond correct when
creating one from scratch to meet your needs.
Many of the people responsible for posting NFPA hazmat diamonds in the workplace have questions about colors, numbers, abbreviations and more themselves. The diamonds can indeed be confusing, but in an emergency the information these signs provide to first responders could save lives. You don't have to be a safety guru to see the value in that, or in having at least basic knowledge of NFPA 704.

Just last month NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association, made it easier to learn those fundamentals with a new FAQ document. Among the 13 questions answered are:
  • How 704 labels differ from other hazardous material labels
  • When you're required to use the NFPA 704 rating system
  • How the rating is displayed
  • Where to get NFPA 704 related materials and answers to additional questions
Perhaps most importantly, it also explains precisely what NFPA 704 is- a simple, readily recognized, easily understood system for identifying the specific hazards of a material and the severity of the hazard that would occur during an emergency response. The FAQ can be viewed in it entirety here, and is also available for download. It's a great introduction to the standards and could even bring experts up to speed on a thing or two. Don't think you should stop reading about NFPA 704 there, though. You can find a great deal of other helpful information in the links below.

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