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May 18, 2015

How To Choose The Right Members for Your Safety Committee

Health and safety committee member
You know you need a safety committee, but how do you choose who should be part of it? You need representatives from throughout a company or jobsite, with members representing hourly workers to upper management. They should be respected by other workers, and not let the owner or manager’s viewpoint dominate discussions.

If that doesn't sound easy, you're in luck. The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have written an article that will help.

The first step in making a safety committee work most effectively is making sure that it has the right members. It’s good to keep the committee at a manageable size to ensure that all of the participants feel that they are really making contributions. You can generally obtain good results from committees of no more than seven members. Here are a few more areas the article can help you address:

  • Who should select committee members?
  • What personality types should you look for - positive, skeptical, or both?
  • How long will a term on the committee last?
  • What questions will employees have about the committee?
  • Who should lead the meetings - management or the workers?
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