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July 7, 2015

New Tool Analyzes Workplace Cell Phone Policies

The National Safety Council recently launched a Cell Phone Policy Assessment Tool that provides instant feedback on an employer's cell phone policy. Employers complete a short survey, and the tool generates a free report that rates how well the company's policy matches current best practices.

Many employers have implemented cell phone policies to help keep workers safe on the road, but policies often leave safety gaps that can increase an employer's liability risk in the event of a crash.

The Cell Phone Policy Assessment Tool reveals gaps and their associated costs, and identifies specific suggestions to improve the policy. NSC recommends employers implement a best practice cell phone policy that covers:
  • Hand-held and hands-free devices
  • All employees
  • All company vehicles
  • All company cell phones
  • All work-related communications – even in a personal vehicle or on a personal cell phone.

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