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September 29, 2015

How to Make Your Construction Site More Secure - and Safer, Too

One of the biggest problems facing any construction site is security. Construction Equipment Guide reports that theft from construction sites costs companies between $300 million and $1 billion annually. Threats include employee theft, as well as trespassers looking for tools, equipment and materials to pilfer. Security guards have taken on this challenge in the past, but now new security technologies can help keep construction sites secure from theft - and help protect employees, too. 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags

Virtually indestructible and built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, RFID tags are ideal for construction sites. RFID scanner and tracking systems use radio waves to transmit data from tags to a reader. Users place an RFID tag on an item, scan it, and then track it through the integrated software. With unique tags, users can track tools, equipment and machinery to ensure resources don't leave the job site without permission. Even safety harnesses can be chipped, allowing users to track employee activities on-site and provide safety checks, in addition to equipment control. When properly installed and utilized, RFID systems can help contractors identify thieves, recover lost equipment and even schedule and track maintenance. 

Security Cameras

Securing a work site day and night in any weather can be a challenge. Security signs and security cameras are a good combination that help discourage trespassers and allow remote monitoring of a site. Many security cameras are built for both indoor and outdoor use, and are rugged and weatherproof. Some have night vision options or motorized lenses that won't miss anything. Many systems can be remotely controlled by a computer or tablet device and offer plug and play security at an affordable price. Such systems secure sites quickly and efficiently, protecting employees and machinery from unwelcome guests. Properly monitored security systems are a good defense against trespassers and thieves - and a lot easier than trying to fly drones over a site 24-7. 

Smart Safety Glasses

Believe it or not, ANSI-certified safety eyewear is now available with smart features that allow managers to capture video, audio and data all at the same time. Using a cloud-connected wearable device, supervisors can oversee their workforce in first-person and real time, giving feedback directly via a small screen built into the glasses. This can help improve productivity and also allows supervisors to see if workers are following proper safety precautions. The smart eyewear also allows supervisors to give real-time instruction to new employees on-site. Security and safety applications of such a tool are obvious, and managers access up-to-the-minute data to help identify hazardous or wasteful workplace conditions, as well as perform remote machine diagnostics. 

Technology continues to change the construction industry on a regular basis - and these three tools can help make your construction sites more safe and secure today. 


  1. Firstly, all the safety tools must be installed before start working on any construction site like fall protection safety nets. This will help to make any site more secure and safe for work.

  2. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.