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November 16, 2015

Contractor Registries Aren’t Safety Programs

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You can find almost anything related to workplace safety on the Internet, from PPE and site checklists to safety signs, consultants and even registries of contractors prequalified to meet basic safety standards. Just point-and-click to get anything you need, right? Not necessarily.

Prequalifying contractors to verify they meet your safety standards is an important step – but it’s just that: one step, according to the safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis. In a recent article, they explain that ensuring a safe workplace requires many additional steps and continued on-site monitoring that databases just can't provide.

Here's their advice: "If your organization needs to find contractors nationwide, participating in a registry may make sense for you. But before you decide to proceed, be sure to compare that approach to working with a firm that can develop a customized safety program in which prequalification is a component. Look at the benefits of each approach, and then make the choice that’s right for your company and your project."

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