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January 28, 2016

January 2016 Workplace Safety News and Notes

The safe way is the best way
Here's a collection of safety news and resources from around the web this month:

NSC Offers Free Employee Safety Perception Survey

Want to know what your workers think of your safety program? Ask them with a free perception survey from the NSC. The 10-item survey will help you evaluate how employees view company safety culture. Benchmark their responses against millions of others with an individual report that will highlight areas where you can improve. Learn more.

CDC Foundation Introduces New Workplace Safety Resources

Business Pulse: Workplace Safety and Health is a web resource offering businesses useful resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Explore benefits associated with CDC’s work to address topics from chronic threats that impact health and productivity to major health emergencies. Produced by the CDC Foundation, Business Pulse focuses on a different topic each quarter. Issues feature interactive infographics, links to NIOSH programs and online CDC resources and more. Check out Business Pulse.

NIOSH Videos Highlight Research

NIOSH has published a new video series highlighting NIOSH studies, “Faces of NIOSH Research.” Learn more about the research going on at NIOSH straight from the researchers. Topics include: Engineering controls for nanomaterial production, hand arm vibration, occupational ladder fall injuries in the U.S. and more. Browse the video series at the NIOSH YouTube site

4 Keys to Workplace Safety Success

The NSC wants to help protect your workers and your business. Based on an evaluation of research, NSC has identified four critical keys to workplace safety success: Leadership and employee engagement, Safety management systems, Risk reduction and performance measurement. Keeping a focus on these areas will assist in the protection of workers while also enhancing organizational performance and profitability. Learn more.

Aging Workforce Infographic

The number of older workers is on the rise. In five years, nearly one in four workers could be aged 55 years or over. CCOHS has developed an infographic that illustrates why older workers can be beneficial to an organization, and what workplaces can do to ensure that they stay healthy and safe on the job, keeping in mind that a well-designed, well-organized workplace benefits everyone, regardless of age. Learn more and download it here.

Upcoming OH&S Safety Webinars

February 11 - Strategies to Ensure Safer Workplaces
February 17 - Should Your Workers be Wearing Cut-Resistant Sleeves?
February 24 - AED/CPR Training in the 21st Century: An Easier Path to a Safer Worksite
February 25 - Marijuana Legalization: Trends & Hot Topics
March 17 - 2016 Confined Space/Fall Protection Update
Learn more and register here.

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