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February 9, 2016

NIOSH Shares Worker Health Resources

Here's a list of new publications and resources for worker health, older drivers, transportation safety and child care providers from the NIOSH Total Worker Health blog:

Free Podcast: Worker Health and the New Global Economy

What's different about the new economy and new workplace today, compared to the past? What science-based solutions and innovative employer strategies can businesses use to address emerging safety and health issues? In this 20-minute interview featured on Working Capital Conversations, Dr. L. Casey Chosewood discusses issues such as temporary or contingent work, work-influenced chronic disease, and an aging workforce. He also gives practical strategies for employers who wish to move toward a Total Worker Health approach.

NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety Older Driver Fact Sheet

NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety Older Driver Fact Sheet
NIOSH's Center for Motor Vehicle Safety will be releasing "Older Drivers in the Workplace," a fact sheet which gives employers and workers information on age-related physical and mental changes that may affect older workers' ability to drive safely. The image above is from the fact sheet, which isn't yet available.

Total Worker Health In Depth Video Series: Transportation Safety

The Healthier Workforce Center at the University of Iowa continues its outreach and education efforts through the Total Worker Health® In Depth video series. Short videos on workplace safety and transportation safety were recently released, and other topical videos are currently in production.

Resource for Child Care Providers

The Northern Kentucky Health Department, in partnership with the NIOSH Small Business Assistance Program, has developed a new manual for workers in early care environments. Total Worker Health: Staff Wellness and Safety in the Child Care Setting is tailored to the personal health and safety needs of child care providers in early care environments. The resource outlines a step-by-step program that combines assessment, training, and education for sustainable change in addressing job-related hazards and overall worker health. Included are initial and post-environmental assessments with questions on availability of workplace healthy food options, worksite opportunities for physical activity, ergonomics, and work organization tools to decrease stress. The program also provides ergonomics handouts, slides, and a Trainer's guide.

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