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February 22, 2016

Ensure Correct Rigging Procedures for Safe Lifting

Extend boom
When heavy objects need to be lifted on a worksite, crews focus a significant amount of attention on the crane, hoist or other device that will make the lift. Something that’s equally important, but rarely given as much thought, is the role of proper rigging in safe load handling. 

Several years ago, OSHA updated crane regulations after a series of high-profile crane accidents. Part of that change involved tightening rules related to rigging. After all, if the rigging is inadequate or fails, there usually isn’t enough time to warn workers in the area. And when heavy loads fall, even if injuries aren’t involved, the physical damage can be catastrophic.

Because proper rigging is so important, it’s critical for crews involved with lifts - and those working in the immediate area - to become familiar with correct procedures for safe rigging. The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have written a post with good information to help avoid rigging safety problems.

Key points for safer rigging include:

  • Train all riggers
  • Evaluate the environment
  • Inspect equipment
  • Choose the right hitch
  • Learn proper hand signals
  • Move loads properly
  • Prepare for the next lift 

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