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July 19, 2016

July 2016 Workplace Safety News & Notes

OSHA Civil Penalties Rising August 1

In November 2015, Congress required federal agencies to adjust civil penalties to account for inflation, and OSHA has announced that maximum penalties, which were last adjusted in 1990, will increase by 78%. Serious and other-than-serious violation penalties, now at $7,000, will rise to $12,471. Willful and repeat, now at $70,000, will rise to $124,709. Failure to abate, now at $7,000 per day, will increase to $12,741 per day. Read more

NIOSH Launches New Mobile App for Pocket Guide on Chemical Hazards

NIOSH has created a new mobile application (app) version of its trusted Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards that can be used on any device with a Web browser. The Pocket Guide gives general industrial hygiene information for hundreds of chemicals/classes and helps users recognize and control workplace chemical hazards. It includes 634 chemical entries and appendices; links to IDLH, NIOSH and OSHA Methods, easy searches and more. Read more about it. 

OSHA Delays Enforcement of Anti-Retaliation Provisions

OSHA is delaying enforcement of the anti-retaliation provisions in its new injury and illness tracking rule to conduct additional outreach and provide educational materials and guidance for employers. Originally scheduled to begin Aug. 10, 2016, enforcement will now begin Nov. 1, 2016. Learn more.

NIOSH Releases Ergonomic App to Evaluate Mining Activities

NIOSH Mining recently released ErgoMine, a new Android app that helps users evaluate the ergonomics of common mining activities and receive recommendations for improvement. ErgoMine poses questions to guide mine workers through an audit of their workplace to identify ergonomics issues. Based on user responses, the app makes recommendations for improvements. Suggestions can be reviewed through the app or emailed to anyone for further consideration. Learn more here. 

Did You Meet the GHS June 1 Deadline?

June 1 was the deadline for alternative workplace labeling and updating hazard communication programs as necessary, as well as providing additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards. If you're not yet in compliance, you're not alone, but you're still not in compliance. Review an OSHA FAQ on GHS requirements here.

NIOSH PPE Database Helps You Identify Standards

How do you know if your personal protective equipment (PPE) will actually protect you or your employees? NIOSH developed the PPE-INFO database to help determine which PPE standards must be met by various equipment. The database compiles federal regulations and consensus standards for respirator and non-respiratory PPE. You can use it to determine whether a product meets a certain standard, and whether the performance requirements of that standard meet your needs. Visit the site.

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