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October 20, 2016

October 2016 Workplace Safety News & Notes

Here's a collection of safety-related news this month:

OSHA Top 10 Violations of 2016

OSHA has announced the preliminary Top 10 most-frequently-cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2016. If these look familiar, it's because all 10 were on the 2015 OSHA top 10 list, too. The preliminary Top 10 for FY 2016* are:
  1.   Fall Protection, 1926.501 (C) - 6,929
  2.   Hazard Communication, 1910.1200 - 5,677
  3.   Scaffolds, 1926.451 (C) - 3,906
  4.   Respiratory Protection, 1910.134 - 3,585
  5.   Lockout/Tagout, 1910.147 - 3,414
  6.   Powered Industrial Trucks, 1910.178 - 2,860
  7.   Ladders, 1926.1053 (C) - 2,639
  8.   Machine Guarding, 1910.212 - 2,451
  9.   Electrical Wiring, 1910.305 - 1,940
  10.   Electrical, General Requirements, 1910.303 - 1,704
*Preliminary figures as of Sept. 30, 2016.

OSHA Proposes Rule to Improve Standards

Load Limit __ lbs.Federal OSHA is proposing 18 changes to the agency's recordkeeping, general industry, maritime and construction standards as part of an effort to revise provisions that may be confusing, outdated or unnecessary. OSHA says the proposed changes will modernize OSHA standards, help employers better understand their responsibilities, increase compliance and reduce compliance costs. OSHA estimates the revisions would save employers $3.2 million per year. Revision areas range from lockout/tagout to PELs and load limit postings. Review the proposed changes.

Case Study Addresses Temp Worker Safety Issues

The American Staffing Association and National Safety Council have jointly published a case study addressing the safety obligations of staffing companies and host employers to temporary workers. The study provides practical information to help staffing companies and host employers better protect temporary workers from workplace injuries, and understand which party is responsible for recording injuries on the OSHA form 300 injury and illness log. Recommendations include:
  • Determine which party controls workplace activities, conditions and hazards.
  • Adopt procedures to ensure that safety obligations are fulfilled.
  • Promptly notify all parties if a temp worker is injured on the job. If required, the party with day-to-day supervision over the worker should promptly notify OSHA.
The fictional case study is based on past citations issued by OSHA in connection with temporary workers' on-the-job injuries. Learn more, or download the study (pdf).

OSHA Recommends Practices to Encourage Workplace Safety and Health Programs

OSHA just released a set of Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs to help employers establish a methodical approach to improving safety and health in their workplaces. The recommendations update OSHA's 1989 guidelines to reflect changes in the economy, workplaces and evolving safety and health issues. They feature a new, easier-to-use format and should be especially helpful to small- and medium-sized businesses. Also new is a section on multi-employer workplaces and a greater emphasis on continuous improvement. Supporting tools and resources are included. Get more info here.

Upcoming Safety Webinars presented by OH&S

  • October 25 - Preparing your Organization for Electrical Compliance/NFPA 70E
  • October 26 - Marijuana - The Impact on the Workplace and Workplace Testing
  • November 3 - Arc Rated and Flash Fire Rated Protective Clothing Issues in Cold Weather, Wet Weather and Hot Weather
  • November 10 - Prepare for Cold Weather! Top Five Ways to Protect Workers' Hands from Winter Elements and Harsh Temperatures.
  • November 16 - Fall Prevention & Protection: The Greatest Challenge
  • November 17 - Taking Control of Hazard Communication
Learn more or sign up.

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