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February 27, 2017

Workplace Safety News and Notes - February 2017

Here's a collection of safety news from around the web this month:

 Noise-Related Hearing Loss Not Just a Work Problem

A new report form the CDC says that 20% of people who reported no job-related noise exposure did have hearing damage caused by noise. This damage is from loud sounds encountered during everyday activities, such as using a leaf blower or going to loud concerts. These activities can damage a person’s hearing just as much as working in an extremely noisy environment. Get the report here.

Ergonomics Resources for Office Workers

Working in an office may seem harmless but musculoskeletal injuries can develop over time, especially for workers who spent the majority of their time sitting and typing in front of a computer. There is no single "correct" posture or arrangement to fit everyone, but following basic design goals can help. Visit the OSHA Computer Workstation eTool for info, checklists and more.

NHTSA Reports 8% Traffic Fatality Increase in 2016

A statistical projection of U.S. traffic fatalities for the first 9 months of 2016 shows an increase of about 8 percent compared to the first 9 months of 2015. This is the eighth consecutive quarter with increases in fatalities. All 10 NHTSA regions showed increased fatalities in the time period, with the highest increase in the Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas area. Download the Traffic Safety Facts report here.

NFPA Issues Fire Hose Safety Bulletin

The National Fire Protection Association has issued an attack fire hose safety bulletin this week to remind the fire service to purchase, maintain, inspect, remove and repair fire hose in accordance with NFPA standards. Thermal degradation of fire hose has been identified as a factor during fire hose failure incidents in recent years, as flashover occurs faster today then in the past. Read more here.

Upcoming Safety Webinars Presented by OH&S:

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