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March 20, 2017

Job Safety Analysis is First Step to Worksite Safety - and More

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Employees on a construction site don't work in a vacuum. Even when they perform duties in separate areas, their tasks and timelines may cross over one another. Keeping everyone safe - and the job progressing - requires cooperation and careful planning.

A critical first step in planning is the job safety analysis, which is a formal effort to identify and document hazards associated with specific tasks, so workers can take the proper actions to protect themselves.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have penned an interesting article that defines when, where and

how to develop a job safety analysis (JSA - and also know by other names). Here are some key points:
  • The JSA is not just a duty for the site supervisor. It’s everyone’s responsibility, from management to on-site workers who are most aware of potential hazards.
  • JSAs are not necessarily required for all tasks. No need to duplicate SOPs already in place.
  • Communication is critical so everyone understands why JSAs are important.
  • Documentation is key to accountability.

In addition to addressing safety issues, the JSA process can also enhance coordination between trades. Who doesn't need that?

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